About Us

The Healthcare business is managed by Dr Susan Ward, who previously was a medical practitioner.  She and her team have researched available epidemiological data for the countries covered by Global Demographics Ltd and then applied the relevant incidence and prevalence rates by age and gender to give a reliable picture of how a particular condition might be expected to expand or decline in a country or region.   For example, the number of diabetes cases in future years by age and gender and affordability.  

Dr Susan Ward and her team apply their epidemiological data to the demographic profiles of each country as developed by the Associated Company, Global Demographics Ltd which is managed by Dr Clint R Laurent and specialises in demographic forecasting, including the population, households, labour force, education profiles, household income and expenditure patterns.  By working closely together the on line models are compatible and continuously access the latest version of the relevant databases.

What We Do?

We build proprietary models to forecast different aspects of the health industry for over 75 countries, through combining health and epidemiology parameters with demographic and socioeconomic factors. These forecasts, which range from epidemiology (disease or health condition), affordable market, price sensitivity to healthcare expenditure, macroeconomics and wellness, help clients to master their market and optimize different stages of their business planning, whether new product entry, pricing, health economics, or R&D strategy etc.

Our database is comprehensive in its coverage- extending beyond basic demographics to also provide epidemiology, distribution of households by income, and how this money is spent by income level on health, medical products, and discretionary items, and saved. The database not only provides a unique single source profile of the future nature of the health consumer aspects of the economy but is also unique in linking the prevalent population with their affordability pattern helping clients assess the size (persons and value) of the affordable market.

The models are continuously improved, and the equations are re estimated every time new data is added to a country/region data file. More details are found in the methodology section.

Our forecasts are provided in our on-line database which is available through any browser and on any platform or device although for the interactive models a pad or computer screen is advisable. 

The interactive models, where the user selects the country/region, disease/condition and relevant age groups by gender enable the user to see the total number of future cases for the selected profile.  The more advanced model allows the user to set price and funding scenarios to estimate the affordability of the particular product and number of cases that might purchase. 

Our Clients

Our clients are mainly large Multi-national companies providing goods or services in the Healthcare sector who use our forecasts to shape their strategy and help identify opportunities and threats for a specific product or service in time for effective action to be taken to optimize their investments.

Our Clients range from those providing products: prescription medicines, branded generics, generics, OTC, medical devices and diagnostics, to those providing services: Healthcare Providers, Financial Institutions, market research and consultancy companies.  Increasingly we are experience demand from companies involved in the 'wellness' sector..