This is an analytical tool which lets you instantly see for a specific country and condition for the years 2005 to 2037

  • Base population profile (age groups by gender)

  • The incidence/prevalence rate for a selected condition by age and gender for each year

  • The estimated number of cases by age and gender for each year

  • The market value (using an average market price and user specified diagnosed and compliance rates)

In addition you can run any number of scenarios showing patient access under different values for the following variables

  1. Price

  2. Funding method (Share of : Annual health expenditure, discretionary expenditure diverted to it, savings)

  3. Diagnosed rate

  4. Compliance rate

Finally it generates its own report for each analysis which you can save and print.

How it Works

The Model is described in detail in the pages listed in the overview page but key points to note are:

  1. It is a stand alone Microsoft Excel workbook - runs on your system. As such your epidemiological data and scenarios remain confidential.

  2. It is easy to run - The user needs only some familiarity with Excel to open it and complete options and run it.

  3. It is fast - only a few seconds per solution.

  4. It can handle multiple countries and conditions/diseases per country

  5. It generates both detailed tables and charts as well as a summary report for each scenario run.

Full Demo Version

You can download for free a full Demo version. This does all aspects except the facility to add epidemiological data.

You can try out all aspects of the full working model with the sample data included in it and see if it meets your requirements before deciding to purchase

To go to the download page please click here.