The Global Demographics Online Database

Online access to a comprehensive demographic, socio-economic (household income and expenditure) and health statistics database.

It enables you to generate tables specific to your needs by selecting country(s)/china region(s) or city(s), variables as listed below, and years. You can then download these tables in CSV format for further analysis.

Access Data on

  • 106 countries (Click for details)

  • 31 provinces of China

  • 34 Provincial Capital and Special Urban Zones in China

  • 212 Provincial Capitals of China

  • 400 Other Cities of China

    (Click here for listing of China Cities by Type by Province)


Create your own tables selecting from

  1. the regions covered in your subscription,

  2. the 1,774 data series on each region (click here for a summary of these), and

  3. years from 2005 to 2037 and

  4. download (in csv format) to your computer in minutes.

Simply and quickly

One Year Subscription Packages available are:

Countries  (US$972.00 pa) There are 108 counties in this data set including China National. A full listing of the countries available is given at this web page;.

China National, Provinces and Province Capitals (US$594 pa) This package includes China National, each of the 27 Provinces and 4 Municipalities, and the 34 Provincial Capitals and Special Zones (Shenzhen, Dalian, Qingdao ).  A listing of the provincial Capitals and Special Zones is given in the second column at this web page

China's  250 Prefecture Capitals (US$1,750 pa)  These are organised by Province. A listing of these Cities is given in the third column at this web page:   

China's 348 other city/town level urban areas (US$1,740 pa): A full Listing of these cities and towns by province is given in the last column of the table at this web page:

China's 1,621 villages and townships (US$2,431 pa) (forth coming)